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A German tourist flew from Antalya to Moscow instead of Munich and was shocked

A German tourist vacationed in Antalya, but after her vacation, instead of Munich, she mistakenly flew to Moscow on a flight she had not registered for. “Breakfast in Antalya, lunch in Moscow, dinner in Istanbul. For an elderly woman, the return flight turned into hell,” the German publication Bild reported with this phrase about the shocking impressions of the traveler.

79-year-old pensioner and grandmother of two grandchildren Monika Nürnberg rested for 10 days in Antalya. The vacation came to an end, and the woman arrived at the airport. She was going to return home to the town of Neufarn, near Munich. At some point, the flight was transferred to another exit, where she mistakenly got in line for a flight to Moscow instead of her hometown.

After arriving in the capital of Russia, the pensioner was shocked. Then she began to think about how to return home. The traveler faced the need to wait several hours to issue tickets for a flight to Germany. During a layover at the Istanbul airport, she spent the night on a bench in the waiting room and was only able to board a flight to Munich the next morning. The total time of the trip, which she will remember for a long time, was about 30 hours.

After her flight nightmare, the tourist declared her desire to contact Turkish Airlines with a demand for compensation for the misunderstanding. The German woman intends to claim damages for being allowed on a flight for which she was not registered.

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