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30-degree frosts are coming to Europe: Ukraine will also be under attack

Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, as well as some parts of Asia, will face a sharp cooling. This is reported by The Watchers.

It is predicted that in the coming days, a severe cold will fall on Eastern Europe and Asia, as a result of which the temperature will drop to about -30 degrees.

As reported, the first waves of frigid air are expected in Estonia and Latvia on January 5. Then they will spread to the south, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine. According to the forecast, it will be -5° to -8° in central and eastern Ukraine by January 7.

By January 10, the cold wave will intensify and spread further south and east to Asia.

A strong cooling is coming to Ukraine: what is known

The well-known forecaster Nataliya Didenko urged Ukrainians to prepare for a sudden change in the weather. According to her, frosts up to -10…-16 degrees are expected. According to Natalia Didenka, the peak of cooling will be on January 6-9.

Data from weather services also show that a sharp cooling is expected in Ukraine. According to forecasts, it will be minus both at night and during the day already on Christmas. It will be coldest on the Left Bank. During the day it is expected to be -6°…-12°, and at night frosts will reach -15 degrees.

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