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The number of apartments sold to Russians in Turkey tripled

Investments by Russian citizens in Turkey’s housing sector increased by 199 percent to 9,311 houses in January-September compared to a year earlier. According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute, provided by the Anatolian News Agency.

Home sales to foreigners across the country increased by 32.5 percent year-on-year to 49,644 in the first nine months of this year. The highest number of homes sold was in Istanbul, with 19,594.

Approximately 40 out of 100 residential properties purchased by foreigners in Turkey were located in Istanbul.

Istanbul is followed by Antalya – 14656, Mersin – 2596, Ankara – 2295, Bursa – 1532, Yalova – 1375, Sakarya – 1054.

Izmir, Samsun, and Trabzon also entered the top ten.

The main factor contributing to the growth of real estate investments in Turkey is the war between Russia and Ukraine.

A significant increase in the number of houses purchased by Russians and Ukrainians in Turkey was observed in March.

During the same period of the previous year, Russians bought 3,115 houses in Turkey.

The number of houses bought by Ukrainians increased by 125 percent to 1,775, BTA adds.

In January-September, citizens of Iran purchased 6,540 residential real estate objects in Turkey, citizens of Iraq – 5,255, citizens of Germany – 2,058, citizens of Kazakhstan – 2,045, citizens of Afghanistan – 1,487, citizens of Kuwait – 1,314, citizens, citizens USA – 1,032.

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