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Robert De Niro, 78: from the greatest psychopath to a charismatic villain (PHOTOS)

“One of the best features of the acting profession is that it allows you to live other people’s lives without paying a price,” says the great Robert De Niro. He can play the greatest psychopath, and to be the loser is to be a charismatic villain. Robert De Niro builds his complex images that remain in the golden pages of cinema. Robert Anthony De Niro was born in Manhattan, New York. On August 17, 1943, his father and his mother, artists of Italian descent, divorced when he was 2. De Niro made his film debut in 1968 when he starred in Brian de Palma. Greeting”.

He then played small and minor roles in many films until 1973, when he received critical acclaim for his role in “Slowly Beat the Drum.”

His long-term collaboration with Martin Scorsese began in the same year when he starred in his film “Insidious Streets” with Harvey Keitel. Other phenomenal Scorsese films in which he starred – “Taxi Driver”, “Angry Bull”, “King of Comedy”, “Good Guys”, “Cape of Fear”, “New York”, “New York” and “Casino”.

He received an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in “Mad Bull” and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for “Godfather 2”.

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