Recommendations for rules of conduct for travelers to Pakistan

Before traveling to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we strongly encourage you to learn as much information as possible about the country, its customs and traditions. The IRP is a country where the constitution is in fact the holy book of Muslims, the Koran, and the law is governed by Sharia law. The norms of behavior in Pakistan are determined by local and Islamic traditions, respectively. Religion has always played a dominant role in Pakistani society and still determines the way of life of the majority of the population.

The IRP prohibits any public display of religion, sale of non-Islamic goods, or public worship. Any public associations are prohibited in the country.

Pakistan is a country where there is an absolute ban on the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Violation of this prohibition is severely punished.

To maintain public order in the country, there are religious police, which constantly patrol the streets and public institutions in order to stop attempts to violate the canons of Islam. If a violation is detected, the perpetrator shall be punished accordingly.

Citizens of Ukraine need to take into account that in fact the legal relations in the IRP are regulated by Sharia law, there is no civil law base.

Any court decides in accordance with its own interpretation of the relevant religious dogmas and norms.

Smoking in public places is officially prohibited.
The IRP follows special rules for women’s and men’s clothing. Men are not allowed to wear shorts and shorts. For women, the restrictions are stricter. Clothing should cover the legs at the ankles. Outerwear should reach to the knees and completely cover the hands.

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While in Pakistan, one should be careful and follow the statements so as not to offend the religious feelings of Pakistanis. This also applies to clothing and the relationship between a man and a woman.

A couple traveling together should watch for feelings. It is allowed to walk holding hands, but hugging or kissing in public is strictly forbidden.

When leaving the city, you should additionally have photocopies of your passport with the pages with the visa and the marks of the border service. You should also have copies of documents confirming your stay at the hotel.

Particular care should be taken during large religious holidays in the IRP. These days, you should pay more attention to the shape of clothing and carefully choose places to walk. Large streets, squares and crowded places should be avoided.

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In case of detention or restriction of your freedom in any form, demand an immediate meeting with the Consul of Ukraine.

Recommendations for citizens of Ukraine
1. Upon arrival in Pakistan for permanent or temporary stay, we recommend that you register with the Consulate of the Embassy of Ukraine in the IRP, which will greatly help the Embassy to contact you in case of emergencies, provide appropriate assistance, simplify the procedure.

2. Strictly adhere to the terms of stay abroad: leave the country before the expiration of the visa, or apply to the competent authorities of the IRP for a residence permit.

3. Adhere to local laws and traditions in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

4. In case of force majeure, be sure to contact the Embassy of Ukraine.

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