Customs issues, etc., in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

A child over the age of one must cross the border on the passport of the parents, in which his / her photo is pasted, and accompanied by at least one of the parents.

Any amount of cash, traveler’s checks and payment cards can be imported into Pakistan. Only amounts exceeding 10 thousand Euros or the equivalent in foreign currency need to be declared. A gold declaration is required when imported.

Duty-free import of up to 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 4.4 pounds (2 kg) of puff tobacco (persons over 18 years of age) is allowed; as well as personal items and gifts up to $ 100 per person.

Items banned from importing into Pakistan:

  • any alcoholic beverages;
  • video and printed products of erotic and anti-religious content. Pakistani customs officers can include ordinary magazines with photos of half-naked women in the “erotic” category;
  • fresh and canned meat;
  • drugs and medicines that contain drugs;
  • plants and seeds (exceptions are flowers without soil, but in this case the presence of a phyto-sanitary certificate is required), some fruits and vegetables;
  • soil samples;
  • fish and non-canned caviar;
  • dairy products and eggs (from some countries);
  • all types of matches and lighters (although no search is conducted to detect them);
  • counterfeit products and counterfeits;
  • weapons that fall under the category of illegal in accordance with the legislation of the IRP (for the import of hunting weapons must have a specially issued permit);
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The import of domestic animals and birds is possible only in the presence of an international veterinary certificate indicating the dates of rabies and the seal of veterinary control on departure from the country of origin.

The import and export of seeds, plants and animals is in accordance with international regulations.
In the case of non-personal transport, it is essential to consult the competent authorities of Pakistan.

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