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Ukrainian authorities introduce “vaccination passports”

Вони дозволять кінотеатрам, спортивним залам, театрам, басейнам і т.д. працювати без соціального дистанціювання.

The Ukrainian government has decided to introduce “vaccination passports”, which will indicate whether citizens have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to Reuters, citing a statement from the Ministry of Health.

Passports will allow institutions such as cinemas, gyms, theaters, swimming pools and others to operate without social distancing. To do this, all visitors and at least 80 percent of staff must be at least partially vaccinated, according to a statement from the ministry, which was published yesterday, according to BTA.

Educational institutions will also be able to work without social distance if all staff are fully vaccinated.

After a relative lull in the summer, the level of coronavirus infection in Ukraine has increased. The government is likely to introduce a lockdown, according to Reuters.

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