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The dentist said that the covid destroys teeth

Careless treatment of the mouth and teeth leads to many diseases, and the coronavirus has only exacerbated these problems, contributing to the destruction of teeth. This was stated by Turkish dentist to the local media Recep Demirtas.

Violations in oral and dental hygiene cause many health problems. “Mouth, teeth, gums, which are the first stop of nutrients entering the body, best perform the task of protection through saliva and adequate chewing. Deterioration of the health of the oral cavity and teeth hinders this excellent protection and the fact that harmful microorganisms present in our oral flora interfere with beneficial organisms. Problems with teeth and gums cause many diseases, including heart disease, pregnancy complications, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, people of all ages need to pay attention to the care of the oral cavity and teeth, “he said.

Problems with teeth and gums worsened during the coronavirus epidemic

The dentist noted that the shock that shook the world has a negative effect on the health of the mouth and teeth, and gave the following information:

“Leading scientists in the world believe that Covid-19 can affect the vessels of the gums and jawbone, reducing blood supply and disrupting the health of these tissues. One of the most important symptoms of kovid is the problem of taste disturbance. It is bound to the ACE-2 receptor, which is also present in the mouth and tongue. The virus uses this receptor to capture the host cell.

ACE-2 protein is a promising prospect for potential treatments. The widespread isolation and interruption of planned procedures in dental practice, even for a certain period of time, except in emergencies, the inability of people undergoing Covid-19 to provide the necessary assistance in oral care, material and spiritual pressure, psychological disorders caused by Covid, increased existing problems with teeth and gums.

Studies in China have shown that people who have contracted covid have increased their symptoms by 50 percent. Chest pain, inability to breathe, fever, joint pain, and taste disturbance experienced by patients exposed to the virus limit oral hygiene practices.

At the same time, the doctor stressed the need for timely treatment and urged not to procrastinate with a trip to the dentist. “In the context of the epidemic, the biggest problem that people think about the health of the oral cavity and teeth is the idea that the risk of transmission of Covid-19 has increased. However, according to the rules set by the Ministry of Health, all dental and gum treatments can also be carried out during an epidemic. A visit to the dentist should be carried out as soon as possible before the delayed treatment causes great trouble, and possible infections should be treated before they spread to other tissues, “- concluded the doctor.

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This content, including tips, contains only general information. This in no way replaces a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or doctor for more information. We wish you good health, your DIP.

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