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What one of the most picturesque abandoned hotels in the world looks like

What do you imagine when you hear about abandoned hotels? Half-empty rooms, broken glass, peeling wallpaper – traces of the former luxury of buildings? We hasten to dissuade you: other half-forgotten hotels have managed to maintain their splendor even without close human attention. What one of these hotels looks like, see the material “DIP”.

French photographer Romain Veynon is a big fan of wandering through abandoned buildings, so it’s not surprising that during his trip to Ireland he visited one of the country’s abandoned hotels. According to Romain, he was surprised by the beauty that he saw inside.

The hotel rooms were covered with ferns and ivy. Many interior items remained on the premises, including vases, old paintings, chandeliers, and curtains. Moreover, in the hotel, Weynon even came across a hair dryer, telephone, books, and glasses.

“When you have the opportunity to explore such an amazing place, you feel like in one of those post-apocalyptic films where humanity has disappeared from the face of the earth and you are wandering around an empty world,” the Frenchman admitted.

By the way, last year Romain Weynon presented his book called Green Urbex with photographs of abandoned places he visited.

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