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The newlyweds were found dead in a Turkish hotel: the reason was given, the owner of the hotel was arrested

The owner of a hotel in Cappadocia was arrested in connection with a security breach that caused the death of hotel guests. A newlywed couple from Istanbul was found dead in his hotel. According to Turizmajansi, the cause of death is carbon monoxide poisoning.

The alarm was raised by the hotel staff, who discovered that “nothing has been heard for a long time” from the couple, who, as they knew, had entered the hotel and were in the room. The employees, who found the couple in an unconscious state, urgently called an ambulance and the police. But unfortunately, medical intervention was too late. Medics who arrived at the scene established that the couple had died.

The cause of the death of the newlyweds also quickly became clear. As a result of the autopsy, it was established that they died of poisoning due to the leakage of carbon monoxide from the boiler room located under the premises. As a result, the police detained the owner of the hotel, its senior manager, and an employee. Three suspects are under arrest.

Relatives of the victims demand the harshest punishment for them. They added a few details – as it turned out, the day before the tragedy, the tourists had already called an ambulance to the hotel, they were examined, but no reason was found for feeling unwell and the tourists returned to their room – which turned out to be fatal for them. “Our children have been gassed for probably more than a day – and you’re going to dismiss it as mere negligence?” – relatives are indignant.

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