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A new type of hotel “for adults” appeared for the first time in Hurghada

The Egyptian resort of Hurghada pushes the boundaries and tries new options and types of hotels to attract different categories of tourists. So, for the first time, a hotel for adults will appear at the resort. Mohamed Eid, an expert on tourism marketing in the Red Sea, told the local media about this.

“The hotel will be the first of its kind in Hurghada. It is intended only for adults and awaits tourists who are looking for peace and relaxation,” he said. Also, according to the expert, the target audience of the new hotel will be “brides and grooms who have come to celebrate their honeymoon or wedding anniversary.”

As Mr. Eid added, the creation of such a hotel was based on the results of a study conducted among foreign tourists of various nationalities. The hotel will not accept families with children at least until they reach the age of 18. The entire design of the hotel is designed for guests looking for peace and relaxation. Designed “in a resort-style”, it is located in a large area, which includes, for example, several groups of relaxation pools. The name of the new hotel has not yet been announced.

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