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A factory for growing narcotic plants was set up in a Turkish hotel

Not only Turkish hotels are bottled with counterfeit alcohol, but some prefer more serious substances. Another scandal in the resort of Marmaris “surfaced” in the Turkish media – the police liquidated the drug factory, which is located in one of the hotels.

According to media reports, gendarmerie groups in the Marmara area of ​​Mugla stormed a hotel where drugs were being produced and sold. As a result of the raid, five people were detained, including the head of the hotel, which turned the hotel into a drug factory. He, like his accomplices, was arrested and sent to prison.

The hotel found a greenhouse for marijuana production – including 40 g of seeds, a large amount of mixed marijuana, 8 potted hemp stalks, a lighting, ventilation and heating system used to grow them. In addition, more serious drugs were found – in particular, 25 grams of methamphetamine and “a large number” of other seized drugs.

Not without an arsenal. Several pistols, both traumatic and combat, and 9 mm pistol cartridges were also found.

By the way, this is not the only raid on drug dealers in Turkey. In the summer, police “took” another enterprising receptionist who sold drugs to tourists. By the way, also in Marmaris.

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