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The Greens of Germany oppose the launch of Nord Stream-2

The leader of the Green Party of Germany, Analena Bourbok, stated that the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline should not receive a commissioning permit.

In an interview with Funke media, she commented that the reason for the refusal to issue a license for the pipeline was the inconsistency of the gas directive with the European Gas Directive. Bourbok reminds that according to European energy legislation, the pipeline operator must be different from the gas supplier.

According to her, “while it is the same concern, it is not necessary to issue a license to operate.”

At the same time, Bourbok notes that Russia has started a “poker game” with energy prices.

“We must not allow ourselves to be blackmailed,” she said.

In another interview, Bourbok said that “the problem is that Russia supplies gas to Europe under the agreement, but the gas storage facilities are relatively empty.” According to her, this was probably done deliberately by the Russian side to force Europe to launch Nord Stream 2 quickly, even if all legal requirements are not met.

This is Gazprom’s strategic decision against the Europeans, “the Green leader stressed.

It will be recalled that the Greens are one of the three parties negotiating the formation of the ruling coalition.

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