In Egypt, the number of diseases has risen sharply. Will it affect tourism?

Mohammed Awad Tageldin, Egypt’s health adviser, warned that Egypt was currently experiencing a surge in new infections amid a third wave of coronavirus.

He explained that although most of the symptoms of coronavirus are similar to the common cold (fever, cough, body aches and sneezing), loss of taste and smell are common indications that it is a coronavirus infection.

Other symptoms include severe headaches and body aches, he added, but up to 90 percent of symptoms will affect the respiratory system.

Last month, Tageldin predicted a period when there would be more COVID-19 infections during Ramadan.

Tageldin mentioned large family gatherings and iftar parties in Ramadan, general festivals in Egypt.

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The government launched a vaccination campaign on January 24 for priority groups, but officials predict a slow release as the country awaits vaccine orders. The ministry will soon use the Chinese vaccines Sinopharm and AstraOxford and the Russian satellite Sputnik V.

The vaccination campaign began in Egypt with the help of medical teams, and earlier in March – for the elderly and people with major diseases.

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