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Australian woman removed from flight over a portable phone charger

In Australia, a tourist was removed from a Jetstar flight shortly before takeoff due to security suspicions of carrying a prohibited item on board. News.com.au writes about it.

The woman was planning a flight from Sydney to Perth. When she took her seat on the plane, a flight attendant approached her and asked her to leave the aircraft. It was explained to her that during the check, a portable charger for the phone with a lithium-ion battery was allegedly found in her suitcase.

According to the Australian herself, there was no such item in her luggage. After a second check, it turned out that the security service made a mistake, but she did not have time to return to the flight – the plane had already left. The airline staff was able to provide her with a free seat on a flight departing the same day in eight hours.

However, the woman’s problems did not stop there – during the flight, one of the passengers billed for a pie in her place and the passenger had to pay $ 10. Subsequently, she still managed to get compensation.

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